Power of family stories: connecting us with the past and each other

The power of family stories rests in their ability to teach us that everyone’s story matters and move us with examples of the strength of the human spirit.
TreeStories is a gathering of stories about ancestors who have inspired you and filled you with gratitude. An online home for tales of elders who have educated and entertained you.
A way to preserve stories of your own life you want future generations to know. A collection of stories in honor of someone in your family tree.
It is a site to share stories of mentors, teachers and friends who have shaped your life. A place to tell how writing about your ancestors and elders has given you joy.
Add stories to the TreeStories collection that will . . .
  • Inspire us with accounts of courage and resilience
  • Make us smile at the humorous moments in our family’s lives
  • Move us with examples of the strength of the human spirit
  • Teach us that everyone’s story matters
Our hope is that reading TreeStories will move all of us to turn to one another with understanding, compassion and wonder.
power of family stories